The following episode 30

Title: Forgive

Directed by Marcos Siega

Written by Kevin Williamson

Original air date on the April 28, 2014

U.S. viewers 4.81 million


The shot fired was aimed at Preston, which kills him. Ryan calls Claire, but Luke answers her phone and instructs Ryan to bring Joe, alive, to him or Claire will die. Ryan informs Joe of Luke’s threat and helps Joe escape the church. With Joe in the back seat and Mike and Max following behind, Ryan drives to the address given by Luke while the FBI shut the lights inside the church and proceed to shoot and kill all of Joe’s followers inside. Along the way, one of Joe’s followers, Tim, crashes into Ryan’s car, flipping it with Ryan and Joe inside, injuring both men.

Joe thanks and then shoots Tim and puts Ryan into Tim’s car and continues the drive. Outside the house, Ryan and Joe find letters inviting them inside for dinner. Once inside, they find Claire right before one of the twins drops a smoke bomb, putting Ryan, Joe, and Claire to sleep. They wake up at a table where Mark and Luke interrogate Ryan and Joe, threatening to kill Claire if they don’t cooperate. Mike and Max show up and Mike shoots at Luke through a window while Joe cuts himself free.

After everyone splits, Mike finds Mark and tells him that he killed Lily, not Ryan. Luke knocks Mike down but Max shoots Luke dead. Mark picks up Luke’s body and runs off while a confrontation between Joe and Claire leads to Ryan putting Joe at gunpoint as Joe begs Ryan to kill him. Ryan, however, chooses not to shoot Joe and has Mike call Agent Clarke to have Joe arrested. Ryan suggests to Claire that he pack a bag and move to Claire’s home with her and Joey but Claire tells him that they need to move on separately so she can give her son a normal life. Mike admits to Max that he would have killed Joe before the two share a kiss. That night, Ryan has a nightmare where he finds Luke’s dead body lying in bed next to him, and Mark standing over him telling him he’s a dead man. Mark, carrying Luke’s body, is picked up by a truck with an unknown driver.

The following episode 29

Title: Silence

Directed by Steve Shill

Written by Scott Reynolds

Original air date on the April 21, 2014

U.S. viewers 4.42 million


Mark and Luke escape after hearing of their mother’s death, swearing vengeance on Mike, Ryan, and Joe. Max and Ryan lie to Clarke over Lily’s death to ensure Mike doesn’t face charges. Ryan later confronts Claire over her message to Joe and the two share a kiss. Joe sends his followers out to capture Kingston while having Robert and Emma track down Claire, admitting the message Carrie broadcast was a poem he and Claire made together that only they knew about. Angela arrives at Kingston’s home and sets herself on fire to lure Kingston out as Joe’s men take him.

Ryan and Mike follow them to a church where Joe and the others hold everyone inside hostage. Claire is prepared to be sent home, but escapes after utilizing some of Ryan’s weapons. She goes to the hotel she was going to meet with Joe, but finds Emma instead. As Robert subdues her, Emma betrays Robert and kills him and goes after Claire. The two engage in a violent struggle with Claire killing Emma by stabbing her and throwing her out of a third-story window.

The twins show up and take Claire hostage. At the church, Joe has everything video taped and forces Kingston to admit there is no God. Even after that, Joe forces son and father to kill one another, to which Kingston takes his own life rather than kill his son. Ryan and Mike enter the church, but Mike reveals himself to Joe after Joe threatens to shoot Preston. Joe tells Ryan to show himself or he’ll kill Mike, proceeded by a gunshot.

The following episode 28

Title: The Reaping

Directed by Joshua Butler

Written by Megan Martin

Original air date on the April 14, 2014

U.S. viewers 4.36 million


Having previously kidnapped Preston Tanner, Joe’s followers return to Korban unaware that Ryan Hardy has followed them, however he doesn’t have a phone and doesn’t have backup. He kills a guard and disguises himself as a Korban member. During Joe’s speech to everyone, Ryan takes a shot, but misses and narrowly escapes. Claire Matthews desperately wants to be interviewed live on the air for Joe to see, but Carrie, Max and Mike decide against it. Instead, Claire has a message delivered from Carrie Cooke to Joe that only he will understand. Lily has her men track Joe’s location through her phone, as Mark questions why she needs to get revenge, to which Lily says Joe must pay for what he did. Joe discovers that Ryan is at Korban, and Ryan gives himself up and meets Joe so he can figure out his plan.

The FBI have now located Lily Gray’s whereabouts except she is a footstep in front of them and is headed to Korban to get Joe. Joe then has Ryan watch as Preston is forced to either kill someone or be killed. Ryan tries to talk Preston out of it but he sadly kills a member of Korban who didn’t believe in Joe. Emma begins to worry when Lily’s men crash through the front gate as she believes it may be the FBI, so she, Joe and Robert leave Korban, but are shocked that Joe wants Ryan to live despite them telling him to kill him.

Lily’s men raid Korban, killing numerous cult members, which allows Ryan to escape his captors and kill 3 of Lily’s men. Joe and a small group of members watch Carrie’s message to Joe, leaving Joe believing that Claire is alive. While Max finds Ryan, Mike goes off on his own to find Lily. Mike corners Lily and, despite Ryan and Max trying to persuade him not to, Mike shoots Lily repeatedly in the chest, killing her in cold blood.

The following episode 27

Title: Betrayal

Directed by Marcos Siega

Written by Lizzie Mickery

Original air date on the April 7, 2014

U.S. viewers 4.41 million


Ryan remains in shock over seeing Claire alive. Claire suggests she can lure Joe out if he finds out she’s alive, but Ryan disagrees. Carrie interviews tele-evangalist preacher Kingston Tanner who has recently criticized Joe. Joe watches, telling Emma how he wishes to give Kingston a “Holy War”. He sends Lucas, Angela, Tilda and Robert to find Carrie; they assault her guards as Joe calls her forcing her to broadcast another message, less she and her love ones pay. Ryan receives the video from Carrie and watches it with Claire. They deduce Joe is going after Kingston’s son, Preston.

Ryan leaves with Mike and has Max stay back with Claire. Max tells Claire how Ryan has moved on, with Max expressing how Ryan nearly fell apart from Claire’s fake death and how she wants what’s best for him. Meanwhile, Mandy meets up with Mark, who asks for Joe’s location, but Mandy says she can’t tell. He takes her to Lily’s home and still refusing to give Joe’s location to Lily, Mark and Luke proceed to torture Mandy. Joe and Emma discover that Mandy left Korban to find Lily, leading Joe to call Lily wanting Mandy. Lily says she’ll let Mandy go if Joe gives himself up, but he denies the offer by telling Mandy he loves her and then hanging up the phone. Lily and the twins kill Mandy while Joe blames Emma over her death. Robert and the others superglue masks on the college students of a fraternity, while Tilda kidnaps Preston.

Mike and Ryan arrive and Mike kills Lucas during the ensuing battle. Ryan tells Mike to take care of Claire and Max before he follows Joe’s followers back to the Korban compound. Carrie broadcasts Joe’s message, then goes to Ryan’s apartment and meets Claire, who says she can help Ryan by helping her. As Preston meets Joe at Korban, Ryan arrives as well.

The following episode 26

Title: Freedom

Directed by Liz Friedlander

Written by Dewayne Jones

Original air date on the March 31, 2014

U.S. viewers 4.17 million


Joe gathers a group of Korban followers and has a volunteer stab another Korban member, Carla, to kill her, thus “sending her home.” Robert confronts Joe about his reason for choosing Carla, as she was close to Robert. Joe calms him down and asks Emma to follow him and ensure she’s able to keep him close enough to stop worrying. Joe and Emma also discuss Mandy’s lack of progress at Korban, with Emma feeling like she’s a lost cause. Later, she looks up Mark’s number online, and calls him after packing a bag and leaving Korban. Meanwhile, Ryan and Mike continue researching information on Lily Gray and cults that believe in blood sacrifice.

Two men cause chaos after stabbing a group of people at a bakery, sending them all to the hospital. At the hospital, two of Lily’s helpers, Serena and Decklan, and a few others follow a plan put together by Lily to rescue Luke and send him home to Lily and Mark. Luke escapes the hospital after being chased down by Ryan, though Serena and Decklan are killed by Mike and Ryan, respectively.

Carrie goes on air to report the news of the attack, which Joe and Emma angrily watch. Claire again requests to see Ryan, feeling she can help him. She’s given permission, provided her son and mother are moved to another location which Claire will not be given information on unless she returns to witness protection. She later shows up at Ryan’s apartment as Mike panics and tells Ryan that he can explain everything.